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Wine tourism, an ally of biodiversity?

Monday, February 3rd 3:30pm - 4:30pm

  • Conférence


One of the current challenges of the wine sector is to respond, at its level, to the environmental emergency while preserving its economic viability and the quality of its production. While the vineyards have opened up and adapted to wine tourism since the 2000s, can this new dynamic promote the efforts made by winegrowers in favour of biodiversity, or even give them a boost? As part of the OENOBIOTOUR project, the Higher School of Agriculture (ESA), in partnership with ESSCA and the University of Angers, has set up research work on this question. This presentation aims to describe this study on the links between wine tourism and biodiversity and question more broadly the agro-ecological development of wine-growing regions


Speaker: Nashidil ROUIAI, Doctor of Geography, Post-Doctorate at ESA Angers Loire - GRAPPE Research Unit (ESA-INRA)


Conf oenotourisme ESA 2020

Photo credit : Nashidil ROUIAI